Thursday, 9 October 2014

Macro shots near Mole Creek and beyond

These are some shots taken near Mole creek on our day out this week. Kids loved the Alum Cliffs and the Devils Gullet and both walks were just the right length to keep them interested. Bit chilly and windy up in the World Heritage Area central plateau mind you.

Alum Cliffs

Devil's Gullet

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Birthday #3 for 'Bubba'

On Monday Sebastian celebrated his 3rd birthday! This cheeky little boy has filled our lives with much love and laughter (amidst the frustrating times) and is always quick with a smile and eager for a cuddle!! We have watched him grow and change so much in the last few months, he has well and truly left toddlerhood behind! Onward and upward to bigger, exciting little boy things!!

Today we had a small family get together with both sets of grandparents (what a blessing to have Grandma and Grandad here for the celebrations) and some aunts and cousins! This soccer mad little fellow was presented with a soccer ball cake, to go with his soccer set (goals and ball outside), after his sleep this afternoon and his smile said it all (I didn't get a photo of that as I was a little pushed for time).

He was been thoroughly spoilt, thank you to all the generous aunts/uncles whose gifts (for Sebastian) found themselves on a plane yesterday and for the thought and love that went into selecting, wrapping and sending them with Dad and Mum H!! Sebastian will not be bored for long while Quinlan is at school tomorrow!!

So, here follows a few photo's of the last few days!

Opening presents before breakfast/school!
(This was a Hungry Caterpillar sticker/counting book, which Eleanor really didn't was to relinquish)!!

A marble racing track from Quinlan

Soccer goals from Dad and Mum (the ball came later)

Testing the goals and ball!

 The boys are chuffed as they have a goal each (one at both ends of the lawn)!

 Unwrapping a present from aunty Tash (that was hard work!!)!

All the kids getting in on the present unwrapping action!

The cake!

Blowing out the candles (this was the best photo)!

Another birthday over and done with!! They come around far to quickly for my liking!!

Til next time...........LBQSE

Thursday, 31 January 2013


Yes, the title says it all! This blog has been very neglected of late! I'm not sure how many people keep up with it or read it anymore, facebook seems to have taken over as preferred source of social media for so many!

Anyway, ramblings aside, the last months have been busy to say the least! A house sold and bought, a move from south to north, Larry's uni graduation, Christmas, camping, a birthday, the start of 2013, starting a new job (albeit, one that started with PAID holidays), a wedding anniversary, a visit to our family and friends down south. I think there might even have been 2 birthdays since the last post, Larry's at the end of November, Eleanor's at the end of December! Now that boxes are unpacked and life has settled down a bit, I have time to blog and do some of the things I enjoy!

Moving house is something we hope not to do for a very looooooong time!! While things moved quickly and easily to start with (ie accepting and making offers), things went downhill pretty quickly from there! What was meant to be a (smooth) 30 day process (seeing us move early December) soon turned into a nightmare of 60 something days, moving nearly 2 weeks later than originally planned. Settlement finally occurred after the 60 days and after having to 'rent' the house we sold and the house we bought for several weeks. Everything that could go wrong went wrong! But we had a fabulous conveyancer working for us, who made things a little easier to deal with (she was even laying in bed at night trying to think of ways to help us)! There was a wonderful group of very generous people who gave their time and effort to help us move all our belongings! There are many others who helped and supported us in other ways. To all of you, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We are blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives! I'll mention the ones I can remember (in hope they might see this blog one day) - Eg, Ben, Mum and Dad P, Patrick, Suzi, Rob G (and Connor), Jeremy DR (and Claudia), Bosveld's (Ashley, Owen, Brian and Ruth), Mr Ashby, Jess and John, Toby - I know I've forgotten some people, for which I apologise as your help was also much appreciated!! We hope to thank all these wonderful people properly in the near future when we hold our house warming party!

Moving along.....Shortly after we moved we celebrated Christmas with our family, made more memorable this year by having so many of the Groenewold clan present for the Boxing Day BBQ. The following day we made our way to the east coast to spend a week and a half camping in the bush, by the beach.

While camping this little miss celebrated her first birthday (camping style, complete with cake, candles and presents). She has brought such joy into our lives (all our children do) and we thank God each day for entrusting her into our care. We hope that this is the first of many birthdays we will celebrate with her!

Birthday girl (excuse the pj's)!

Opening presents!

Camping style birthday cake!
(it's was rather warm and the icing very soft so the smarties all fell off, eventually)

Singing happy birthday
(excuse the dishes in the background and the awful photo of me)! 

 Cake is finger-licking good!!
(we used plain sponges, philadelphia cream cheese icing - 
that stuff is soooooo good - and the lollies to decorate)

She is constantly keeping us entertained with her cheeky antics! She's such a little monkey, albeit a very determined one! Q and S beware, this little girl has a temper!! She has been bum shuffling everywhere for months now, is able to pull herself up onto her knees, can stand holding onto furniture unaided, has just cut her 5th toothy peg, has hair long enough to put a pig tail in (I loathe hair 'fountains' though) and has just decided that crawling on all fours is lots of fun but not quick enough if you need to get somewhere in a hurry!

Larry started his new job (hence the move) on Jan 1st, while we were camping. He's been at school slogging it out in the preparation/planning aspect of teaching for the last few weeks now. School starts next Monday (Feb 4th).

Q will also start kindy next Monday! How scary and exciting! 4 (and a bit) years have flown by! He is desperate to go to school, he's been asking to go with Larry on the days Larry goes in to do his planning! Bring on Monday (I'm looking forward to the change at home, hopefully less fighting and some quieter days especially as S and E still both nap in the afternoon). I will post a photo of him on his first day of school!

We spent the Australia Day long weekend in Hobart! It will be the last chance we had to get to Hobart before school starts. Traveling on a Sunday night wont really be possible seeing as Q will have a full day of School on Monday!

We are looking forward to the arrival of Dad and Mum H, who will be in the state for 2 months helping/supporting the Launceston congregation (and no, they aren't staying with us even though they would be most welcome)! The arrive on Sebastian's birthday, just is time (DV) to still help celebrate it with us!

Well, I think I have probably bored you all to death! Well done if you made it to the end! I now have the job of going back to add a few (not many) photos and the I need to get back to the kitchen and stew the rest of the greengages! I will add a photo of todays 'production' in the kitchen.

Jam - (R to L) raspberry, greengage, apricot! only the greengage jam was made today, the rest was made a week or so ago! Greengages from Mum and Dad's trees, raspberries and apricots from our garden! Hoping there will be nectarine and blackberry (both from our garden) to come!

Monday, 5 November 2012

Fun in the sun!

Summer is just around the corner (this is what we hear from Larry from the start of each winter)! Today we enjoyed such beautiful weather that I thought taking the dog for a walk on the beach would be good. It turned into more than just a walk with the dog on the beach when the boys got hold of the idea! Q has been begging us to take him to use his 'surf board' that he got for his birthday! So today we obliged!

E got her first proper taste of sand the beach! Sebastian tried to drown himself while I wasn't looking (Larry was watching him from his possy on the towel with E) and another lady had also seen him fall in (he was walking through shallow water where they were playing and got a bit adventurous and walked into a really deep hole under the water)! Needless to say, I got a bit wetter than I had intended, but no real harm done and a lesson learned (by adults and child alike). I'm thinking swimming lessons might be on the cards for next year!!

I did take the camera, here's a few snaps! The battery was dying so there aren't many and none of Q on his surf board (which he very generously shared with Sebastian).

Drop the ball and SHAKE!!!!

Oh so looking forward to go camping and spending more time at the beach, relaxing in the sun!

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Out and About to the Farm!

The playgroup we attend on Friday mornings also run an Out and About session on Wednesday afternoons. This week, after hearing they were off to a hobby farm, we decided to go along (on the bus) to have a look! Usually 1pm on a Wednesday is not a good time to take 3 kids out, Eleanor and Sebastian are always in bed, and Q still naps every other day!

I think the farm visit has been the highlight of their week! The kids are picking up that I'm a little stressed at the moment, and at times they can be a little ratty! Going out did leave me with 3 very tired kidlets who all wound up in bed by 7.30pm (not that they went straight to sleep)!

So, at the farm they got to see lots of animals! Ponies and horses, goats and kids, dogs, chickens and little chicks, sheep and lambs, a blue tongue lizard and her baby (who was already 12 months old), not-so-miniature pigs, and a rabbit or 2. At the end, all the children were given the opportunity to have a pony ride (Q wasn't too sure about it at first, but after watching other kids he wanted to have a go on the smaller of the 2 ponies). It was a good way to spend a glorious spring afternoon!

So without further adieu, some photo's of our afternoon!

On the bus, ready to go (they don't look very excited!)

Feeding some of their many (19) ponies/horses!

Patting the (cashemere) rabbit 
(the lady in the pink is Veronica, she owns the farm)

Feeding the goats!
There were 3 in this pen, all due to have babies in the next few weeks! 

Feeding the lambs (there are not my children!)

Patting Nerissa the lamb
(this little ones a breed that doesn't need shearing) 

One of the baby goat twins! Oh so soft and cute!!

Mum and her babies! So glad our babies don't feed like these two! Ouch!!!!
(Sorry for having to look at the goats rear end!) 


Was pick on little pink pig day! They are mean when they are eating!!

Sebastian's first pony ride (he loved it)!!

Quinlan on enjoyed his ride too!!

We stopped at the park on the way home (we walked to the school that runs the playgroup and Out and About session - all part of a government program called Launch into Learning or LiL)!

 The only way Sebastian will go down the big swirly slide is in Q's lap!

But.....they have fun playing together this way!

Little miss as good as gold in the pram! She spent the time at the farm in the Ergo and never complained when she got passed off to the leader/teacher so I could walk with the boys while they had their pony rides!

So ends another blog update!!

Til next time.........